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NGTOTR130 reader is a long-distance 125KHZ “contactless” reader commonly used in a variety of applications including access and attendance control, logistics, transport and automation schemes.

NGTOTR130 interface options include Weigend 26/34, RS232 or ABA/ABA2 and comes complete with an LED and audible beeper.

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Operating Frequency 125KHz
Standard Read-only 64 bits, Manchester encoded
Reading Distance 80 to 130cm (card/environment dependant)
Contactless Cards EM4100, EM4102
Interface Weigend 26/34, RS232(9600, n, 8, 1), ABA/ABA2, TCP/IP
Power Supply 12V DC
Current Consumption 200mA
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions 262 x 262 x 30mm
Housing ABS
Weight 1kg
Read Indication LED / Beeper
Other >150cm range with 2 readers acting as a gate
Livestock / Animal Management
Operating Frequency 134.2KHz
Standard ISO11784 / 11785
Reading Distance Up to 50cm (card / environment dependant)
Contactless Cards Hitag2 HitagS EM4105 (4200), EM4305
Interface Weigend 42/50, RS232(9600, n, 8, 1)
Power Supply 9 VDC
Current Consumption 200 mA
Weight 1 kg